Our Science

Igenica’s foundational vision was to build a biopharmaceutical company with a complete suite of technologies supporting the discovery of antibody-based therapeutics. Our rigorous approach to target discovery and antibody development considers patient profile, tissue expression, the tumor micro-environment and antibody function as primary factors.

Our target discovery platform, sTAg, systematically profiles proteins found on the cell surface of primary tumors to identify antibody-accessible antigens as candidate targets. Tumor-specific surface proteins are identified and quantified by applying advanced mass spectrometry analysis.

To identify functional antibodies that are specific to target candidates, we have developed a platform, iTAb, that generates diverse antibodies and screens Ab candidates in vivo, to select antibodies with the most potent anti-tumor response. This platform has been applied to develop naked functional antibodies, including next-generation immunotherapies for cancer.

Our proprietary site-specific ADC platform technology, SNAP, addresses the major limitations of current and competitive approaches by providing a simple, elegant, chemically-driven method for linking a functional Ab and small molecule cytotoxin. Our SNAP technology results in a highly flexible bi-functional linker that, by design, yields homogeneous ADCs armed with the optimal toxin payload. SNAP is also a highly flexible system that is amenable to any antibody, linker or toxin, making it an ideal technology for internally and externally generated programs.